To the artist, from a young man

I saw your latest canvas, sir
On my drive to work today
I couldn’t tear my eyes away from it
They kept asking me to stray
From the road or better yet
To pull up on the shoulder to get
A closer, unobstructed view
Of your masterpiece—the reflection of you
Why did you paint it so masterfully
Yet I must carry on driving?
—Yours truly

Thank you for writing,
My dear young friend
I appreciate the thought you gave this
And the words you penned
Many are those who just drive on past
Chasing a thing that’s too fleeting to last
You’ve captured the essence, and though onward you pressed
My canvas remains on your eyelids impressed
Whenever they close you will glimpse it with ease
And when they are sealed—
—Blessings and peace


2 thoughts on “To the artist, from a young man

  1. Ashley says:

    I absolutely love this! And I had a similar conversation with that same artist yesterday as I got immersed in some of his “performance art” — a huge thunderstorm! In the interests of sharing encouragement, I’ll send you what I wrote about it, but I’m doing it privately to not detract from what you’ve written here. (Plus, it’s not nearly on the same lyrical level as yours! You’re a master at verse and prose! 🙂


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