Little bird

A man walked through an orchard green
Where sat a little bird
Perched on a bough, it sat unseen
Though his voice could be heard

The man did hear his lovely song
And lifted up his eyes
Into the tree he peered so long
He saw the bird’s song rise

And rise it did into the skies
Behind a cloud it hid
Now man surveyed the bird, their eyes
Met, speak at once he did

What wondrous voice, what beauty sweet!
The man exclaimed in awe
The happy bird began to tweet
But paused at what he saw

The man no longer heard his voice
His own tune loved he so
The bird fled to escape the noise
That issued from below

A man stood in an orchard green
Where once a little bird
Perched on a bough had sat unseen
Now just the man was heard

Nov 13, 2012


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