No sign of snow, just slush and mud
And wind that made you shiver
No thick white mist to veil the ground
No ice yet on the river
No morning frost, just dark damp soil
All labor lost, how vain the toil!
My lips did start to quiver

No sooner spoke than pursed again
My voice gave in to doubt
What if I spoke before I knew
Whence my complain did sprout?
Would I prove but a hapless fool
With mind untrained and heart unschooled
Still wandering about?

Once found, now lost, I know not why
By fears now tossed and swayed
I once embraced the glistening sun
Why did my summer fade?
Now winter’s come, a dreary sight
With whom shall I take up my plight
When all forth shall be laid?

I’ll seal my lips and speak no more
It’s best to just be still
What door is it to wage a war
If my judgment proves ill?
There’s but one here convicted stands
Deceitful heart and blood-stained hands
My Lord, do as you will

Oct 4, 2012


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