Stories in Verse and Prose

Every day a new story comes to life. Most of them remain unwritten. But some of them deserve to be put in writing.

True or fictitious, I jot them down. Some in prose; others in verse. And a few of them get their own tune.

Your face

I’ve known your face a million waysI’ve watched it all these yearsI’ve seen reflected in your gazeYour longings, hopes, and fears Cover to cover, I’ve read its every page Your smile, my friend of olden daysMy mentors were your tearsYour gentle touch, your warm embrace,Have brought you and me here Act by act, as characters […]


A spark is born amidst the darkA tingle, crackle, burst of lightSo vivid, potent, solid, brightA promise given, hope revealed From little more than crumbling barkA warm, inviting, gentle flameWhich longs to grow, to earn a nameNot knowing that its fate is sealed So swiftly stilledIts ashes spilled


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