Stories in Verse and Prose

Every day a new story comes to life. Most of them remain unwritten. But some of them deserve to be put in writing.

True or fictitious, I jot them down. Some in prose; others in verse. And a few of them get their own tune.

When words fail

When words fail The world seems to end And life loses all meaning For a while When assurances are of no avail When reason fails to comprehend Life goes careening For a mile But up ahead the road is smooth and straight, The world restored to its primeval state And then you’ll smile For a […]

Psalm 131

Oh Lord, my heart is void of selfish pride, From haughty ways I seek my eyes to hide I worry not about what proves too much I chase not what my mind will fail to touch But my soul do I still and bring to peace Like an infant weaned is well at ease My […]


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