Stories in Verse and Prose

Every day a new story comes to life. Most of them remain unwritten. But some of them deserve to be put in writing.

True or fictitious, I jot them down. Some in prose; others in verse. And a few of them get their own tune.


I long to see the morning breakAnd fill me with its warm, bright lightThe gentle passage of this riteA mother’s kiss as I awake From dreamless sleep whose tight embraceHas left me limp and short of breathStill pumping air, but wishing deathAnd hoping then there will be grace Will morning come and bring me breadOr […]

One sliver

One sliverOf an inchSo closeThat you could pinch Its toothyFleshless faceDevoid ofAny grace Its breath of rotAnd sinThat vilelyBeckons in You thoughtThat you could win?You thoughtThat you would ace?You thoughtThat I would flinch?


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