Stories in Verse and Prose

Every day a new story comes to life. Most of them remain unwritten. But some of them deserve to be put in writing.

True or fictitious, I jot them down. Some in prose; others in verse. And a few of them get their own tune.

The tides of March

Drop after drop Dripping and drooling Spilling and spooling Spirals and spires Mud pits and mires Cleaving and cloning Drowning and droning Hasting and heaving Blessing, bereaving Treading and trudging Kneading and nudging Then swiftly, a stop

When snow fell

That morning, snow fell in clusters so thick even the birds, which had lately been signaling the coming of spring, looked up in astonishment and shook their heads. With their cries stifled, the horizon I woke up to was a land mass covered with a duvet of angel down and silence. Both comforted me immensely. […]


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