Stories in Verse and Prose

Every day a new story comes to life. Most of them remain unwritten. But some of them deserve to be put in writing.

True or fictitious, I jot them down. Some in prose; others in verse. And a few of them get their own tune.

One sliver

One sliverOf an inchSo closeThat you could pinch Its toothyFleshless faceDevoid ofAny grace Its breath of rotAnd sinThat vilelyBeckons in You thoughtThat you could win?You thoughtThat you would ace?You thoughtThat I would flinch?


Step by weary step Ι plodded alongTo the dull beat of a monotonous songThen in a flashMy day and night crashedI took my first breath and awoke A new spring in my step, feet as light as rainBouncing off the concrete in melodious refrainI can walk uprightMy smile beaming, brightStanding tall under a gentle yoke


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